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RSHE (including LGBT+ education)

Our Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) has always been forward thinking – ahead of the DfE changes made in September 2021 we have been teaching our young people the full breadth of topics through a combination of in-school teachers and outside speakers who have taken the lead on key age-appropriate issues: domestic violence and coercion; pornography; contraception including STIs, HIV and condom demos; fertility; sexual harassment, peer on peer abuse, and victim blaming.


Our comprehensive RSHE curriculum includes an LGBT+ focus in many of our relationship sessions such as safe sex and forming both strong and safe relationships. Our LGBT+ awareness lessons continue with some stand-alone sessions that cover specifics of LGBT such as: coming out, gender fluidity and a better understanding of the struggles for LGBT+ members of our community, something that extensive pupil voice with our designated LGBT+ group highlighted as most powerful.  These sessions include student examples of their experience from within the school to teach their peers about how they have dealt with unwanted attention, discrimination and coming out.

We work closely with This is Us and Stonewall on resourcing all our LGBT+ education.

A selection of our year 9 students also take part in Solent NHS Let's Talk Programme.

Our Kindness club runs weekly at lunch time and is supervised by Mrs Curtis and Mrs Grinstead. 

As a school we have no teenage pregnancies – a statistic that is stark in comparison to other schools in Hampshire. Students are supported emotionally and physically to enable them to make good moral judgements regarding their future and keeping safe – both on and off-line.

From January 2022, John Hanson are excited to be the first school in the Test Valley area to offer a monthly sexual health drop in service on site in partnership with Solent NHS sexual health practitioners. 



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