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Homework is important because the evidence demonstrates that when it is set in a regular and meaningful manner it contributes to advances in student learning.

So the setting of homework gives a learning advantage to our students. Students who do regular homework do, on average, 15% better than those who do not.

Put another way, it can make half a National Curriculum Level or GCSE grade difference. Therefore students are disadvantaged if they are not regularly completing homework.

Top Tips for Successful Homework

  • If possible have a set time and a place when homework is to be done. For some young people it will be as soon as they come in from school. Other families will make the time after the evening meal ?homework time?. Having a regular slot helps students keep homework as a priority and organise their time well.
  • Try and have a quiet place to do homework, with few distractions. It could be a bed room or a kitchen table.
  • ?Show my Homework? will outline what the homework task is and when it is due in. If students are unsure about the task they should speak to their teacher.
  • Use Show my Homework to plan when to do homework. Teachers should be giving students time to get homework completed and therefore if you have regular evening events, a sport, youth club, cadets or whatever, it should be possible to build that around the programme.
  • Parents/carers ? if your child is saying that they have no homework, do check on ?Show my Homework?

Show my Homework FAQ?s

Q: How do I get to the Show my Homework web site? There is a link to Show My Homework at the top of the school website.

Q: What do I do once I get to the Show my Homework site? If you know your username and password, enter the details login.

Q: What if I have forgotten or never had a log in? E-Mail Mr Adams and he will be happy to send you details mike.adams@jhanson.hants.sch.uk

The following document outlines the setting of homework tasks from each faculty / subject.

Details of content and specific deadlines will be published through our dedicated tasks website Show My Homework. Please email the Head of Faculty or individual member of staff should you have any concerns or require clarification about tasks set. Students also log details of tasks in their planners.

How long should be spent working on each homework?

Year   7 Up to   30 minutes max per homework
Year   8 Up to   40 minutes max per homework
Year   9 Up to   45 minutes max per homework
Year   10 Between   45 / 60 minutes per homework but sometimes 90 mins
Year   11 Between   45 / 60 minutes per homework but sometimes 90 mins

Frequency of homework.

This is detailed in each section. Our school year is split up into six terms ? two up to Christmas, two to Easter and two in the summer.

Core subjects, English, Mathematics, Science, may set more than one homework per week as they see students more frequently.

Please download the following document:  Homework 2018/2019