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OFSTED 2024: "The rich careers programme ensures pupils regularly benefit from a very wide range of partners from the world of work, education and training."


Careers Leaders:

Mrs Anna Hall anna.hall@jhanson.hants.sch.uk 

Careers Advisor:

Mrs Michelle Seaman michelle.seaman@jhanson.hants.sch.uk (usual working days are Tuesday and Wednesday)

Careers link governor:

 Mrs Emma Brett Emma.Brett@jhanson.hants.sch.uk

Careers education:

Careers education at John Hanson is truly aspirational, using the Gatsby Benchmarks to constantly develop and improve career provision and is recognised both locally and nationally as ‘excellent'. Students across all five-year groups are provided with a rich experience of un-biased, high quality information and opportunities to encounter the world of work. The aim is to ensure that all students have higher aspirations than when they joined the school, by offering them opportunities to learn about post-16/18 providers, including the Russell Group universities, greater understanding of apprenticeships at all levels, T-Levels and of a variety of career sectors.

 The majority of our Career education is delivered through our off timetable PSHE days.  Over 5 years with us, students will have taken part in volunteering opportunities, work experience and met representatives from all of our local colleges, universities and training providers, as well as engaged with various employers. We offer open access to students in all year groups, for all post – 16 providers, to ensure students understand A-levels, university courses, apprenticeships, T-Levels and alternative routes too.

This is a constantly evolving plan as we add more opportunities for our students on a termly basis. We aim to deliver for each year group, a programme similar to the careers-based activities listed here.



We are proud of our careers provision and were recently nominated for the following categories at the Enterprise M3 Careers Hub awards: Most Engaged Careers Governor, Best Career newsletter, and the most Innovative Use of Compass+.


We are also excited to announce that we won the award for Most Innovative Careers Event for the Andover Area Careers event that we have organised for many years now, not just benefitting our own students but those across the community too.

Staff: Teachers are able to find all careers information through the PSHE folder on our school network and their line lead in order to embed Careers Education into their own curriculum.  If they have any questions about Careers Education they need to speak to the Careers Leaders named above.

Careers Advice: Every Year 10 and 11 student has an individual 1:1 Careers Interview with Michelle Seaman, our Independent Professional Careers Advisor. Each student will receive a Careers Action Plan following a full hour of Michelle’s undivided time in which she explores each individual to see what makes them tick, to help them become more self-aware and consider what they want from their future career and how they want to live their life.  The Careers Action Plan is discussed and agreed in the meeting. Michelle also supports many students in the application process and can support students and their parents, in completing application forms, writing CVs and completing personal statements.  Please contact her directly if you have any questions about post 16 options on michelle.seaman@jhanson.hants.sch.uk.

Quality in Careers Standard: The school was the first in the Test Valley area to hold the Quality in Careers Standard, highlighting the exemplary quality of careers guidance on offer to students and the significance of focus the school places on preparing students for the next stage of their learning. As a school we have decided not to pay to renew this as our Careers Education is still excellent, and is constantly evolving. We’d rather spend the money on careers opportunities than on having the award.  When we previously gained it, funding was available. 


Career and Provider Access Policy

Careers Policy


Careers Newsletters

 For an overview of everything careers based, please see our newsletters 

Term 1 Careers Newsletter

Term 3 Careers Newsletter



All of our career’s activities are evaluated by students completing a pre and post event evaluation form. This allows us to measure and track the impact our careers programme is having for our students and adjust it accordingly year on year. We also use Compass+ to fully track the careers education of every student over time, and will send this home at least once a year to make parents aware.

Our careers fair:

This year we hosted our annual Andover Area Careers fair with a twist!  Nikki Yates from Andover College supported the school in making the event even bigger this year holding it between the college site and The Lights in Andover.  Our careers fair is organised for all of the Year 11 students of Andover, including those from John Hanson, Winton, Test Valley, Rookwood, Harrow Way, Mark Way, Icknield and Grately House.

This year saw the addition of even more stall holders from colleges, universities, apprentice and training providers, as well as a whole host of local and national businesses from various careers sectors.  Two speakers from Speakers for Schools and School Speakers talked to the students about their career journeys and how to make the most of their next steps. The event was a huge success, and will be planned again for next year.  

If you are a training provider, local or national business and would like to attend our careers event in October 2024, please contact anna.hall@jhanson.hants.sch.uk


Planned college transition meetings are held in the spring/summer term, to support all students with SEND or who access our FLEX provision, to ensure a smooth and effective transition to post-16 education. The learning support team complete a variety of bespoke activities to foster independence and readiness for life after school. Students also attend taster days in year 10 to experience what each college has to offer

 What you can do from home:  have a look at some of the useful websites attached here


We don’t just forget about our students when they leave us.  We are proud of our destination data and love to hear about all the successes our students go onto achieve.

If you are a past student and would like to be a part of our growing alumni please get in contact with us: janice.cook@jhanson.hants.sch.uk.

 Destination data:

Every Year 11 student signs a data sharing agreement before they leave us, ensuring that the local colleges are able to share their data with us when they complete their courses.  We work closely with the local authority too, to ensure we track the destinations of all of our students.  This published data is always a couple of cohorts out of date, and at times the published data is not accurate.  We are proud to be able to confidently update the local council every year on those students they think are missing in education (NEET), as students and their families allow us to keep in contact to remain updated.  This year, all colleges have been contacted too for us to have a truer picture, that national and local government data doesn’t give us, because we truly care what happens to our students.

You can see our destination data report here  

If you need help understanding this, please contact us directly.


 Labour Market information (LMI)

What is Labour Market Information (LMI)?

LMI effectively describes the world of work – it ranges from descriptions of different careers, their entry routes, promotional prospects, salaries paid, skills and qualifications needed, etc. Crucially for young people, LMI also covers future demand – what kinds of jobs will be in demand after leaving school and what kinds of skills will be needed.


Why is LMI Important to Our Students?

It is vital, in an environment where new industries are emerging and many of the most important jobs of the future don’t yet exist, that individuals have access to high-quality labour market information and earnings data to underpin their choices’. Anne Milton MP

LMI Infographics

Top 10 jobs in Test Valley


Hair & Beauty


Land based Animal

Computing, Technology & Digital