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Work Experience

Work experience coordinator: Mrs Julia Pitt  julia.pitt@jhanson.hants.sch.uk

Careers Lead: Mrs Anna Hall anna.hall@jhanson.hants.sch.uk


As part of the Year 10 Curriculum, students are given the opportunity to take part in a Work Experience, which for the 2018-19 Year 10 cohort will take place during the week of the 1st July 2019.

Students will all complete an application form and attend an Interview with our Work Experience coordinator, Mrs Julia Pitt. During this time students are encouraged to discuss their hopes and plans for the future and hopefully a work placement is found which will give them an insight in to what their ‘dream job’ might entail.

This year students have been given the opportunity to work alongside Vets, Electricians, Teachers, Computer Programmers and a Michelin Star chef, to name but a few!

As this will be the first year we’ve returned to sending  all students on Work Experience at the same time, we would welcome you helping them at home with ideas for where they might like to go – including asking around your family and friends if there are suitable placements known to them.

We also give some of our students Work Related Learning Experiences, as well as offer trips to places such as Hampshire Constabulary Marine Unit and Recruitment, Hampshire Scientific Services and Basingstoke Magistrates Court.

If you are part of an organisation that could support the school with Work Experience placements or work related activities please contact either Mrs Pitt or Mrs Hall

Coming soon: details about how to apply!



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