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SEND and Pupil Premium

Through appropriate curriculum provision, we recognise that students have different educational needs and abilities.

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Assistant Headteacher  Inclusion (SEND/Disadvantaged students) - Mrs C. Ferguson - Charlotte.Ferguson@jhanson.hants.sch.uk

At John Hanson Community School, we are committed to all members of our school community achieving their potential. We are proud to have an inclusive ethos of Inspire. Care. Succeed. that provides flexible support for students with a range of needs. We wish for all of our students to experience all that the school has to offer, including enriching, broad and balanced curriculum, trips and extra-curricular activities. We work tirelessly to enable all students to achieve their academic and personal potential - our planning and delivery is based on close collaboration between the learning and pastoral support teams. 

We aim to create a safe, supportive learning environment that promotes the improvement of confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness. Our ‘John Hanson Principles of Instruction’ are the foundation for effective teaching for all students but particularly those with additional needs, and focus on knowledge acquisition, modelling, independent practise and scaffolding.

At different times in their education, young people may have a special educational need or disability.  The Code of Practice 2014 defines SEND as a ‘young person having a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age, or, has a disability which prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities of a kind generally provided for others of the same age in mainstream schools.’

Members of our school community that have an identified Special Educational Need and Disability (SEND) will have bespoke strategies detailed on their information sheet; these will involve teaching steps or resources ‘additional to or different from’ other students. In some cases, this may involve a Learning Support Assistant working alongside teachers in curriculum lessons, helping students to access taught materials and build independence and resilience.

The views of the students and their parents/carers are taken into consideration in our planning and we create effective partnerships with outside agencies where appropriate. John Hanson work closely with feeder schools and colleges to support effective transitions for our students. We welcome parents/carers to contact Assistant Headteacher: charlotte.ferguson@jhanson.hants.sch.uk to discuss the support package for their child.


Please click here for here for more information about how we support students at John Hanson Community School.

Pupil Premium Students 



John Hanson Community School has an ethos to inspire pupil premium students to achieve the same opportunities as non-pupil premium students by promoting emotional resilience, social confidence and academic success. This is achieved by supporting pupil premium students in their:

Academic Outcomes – through inspiring teaching and learning, tailored to individual need.

Social/Cultural Capital – by providing emotional, social and cultural development to fill the gaps in the personal life.

Destination/Careers – in actively promoting the best career opportunities for pupil premium students, providing Individual support and early intervention in securing next steps post 16.