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Religious Studies


Contact Head of Department: keren.wickins@jhanson.hants.sch.uk

The religious and philosophical questions of the human race remain as important today as ever. We believe that religious studies should form an important part of education and should be accessible to students of any religious persuasion or none. Through the exploration of the major religious traditions of the world, a deeper understanding of ourselves, culture and humanity will emerge. In the department, we aim to promote honest and robust discussion and to provide students with a stimulating, enjoyable and academically rigorous study of religion.

Religious Studies is taught through concepts, delivered through the pedagogical process of the cycle of enquiry (Hampshire agreed syllabus). This cycle facilitates learning about the religion, but also allows for personal reflection and in-depth evaluations. At Year 9, students begin to grapple with GSCE topics to prepare them for the options process. Students are in mixed ability groups, and regular assessment and feedback ensure we give students immediate and effective support throughout their academic year. Standards and expectations are high.

Key Stage 3:

Year 7- Symbolism, Sacred and Truth, Christianity - God (love), Agape and Church (community) Islam - Submission (peace), Umma (community), Jihad (struggle/striving)


Year 8 - Judaism - Identity, Torah, Israel, Christianity - Forgiveness,  Reconciliation and  Atonement, Buddhism -Dukkha (suffering, Sangha (community) and Enlightenment (meditation)

Year 9 - Christianity (The Bible: The Big Story), Islam - Religion/peace-making in the 21st Century/Malala, Christianity(GCSE Thematic Study) - Sexual relationships, Contraception, Marriage and Divorce, The nature and purpose of families and Gender Equality


Key Stage 4:


The option groups take the AQA Religious Studies A course.  During year 10 and 11, student study the Beliefs, Teachings and Practices of Islam and Christianity, they also learn about four Thematic Studies – Relationships and Families, Religion and Life, The Existence of God and Revelation and Religion, Crime and Punishment.


Exams are graded between 1-9 and based on knowledge, explanation and evaluative skills.  The whole course is assessed on two exams at the end of year 11 (1hour and 45mins each).

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