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Years 7 and 8

During the summer term prior to Year 7 arriving at John Hanson, maths staff receive information and results from  Primary feeder schools. Based on this information the new students are put into  groups for their lessons to ensure they receive an appropriate level of challenge and pace to ensure they progress to their maximum potential. They then all follow broadly the same curriculum for the next 2 years .They study a programme that covers  all 6 areas of Mathematics as identified in the National Curriculum – Number; Algebra; Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change; Geometry and Measures; Probability and Statistics. The expectation is that students will move through the programme of study at broadly the same pace with the emphasis being at this stage on fluency and reasoning with some problem solving skills developing. Students are assessed before the start of each topic on their prior knowledge and then at the end of each topic to ensure that they are ready to move on. Any weakness can then be worked on in lessons and also by using “Hegarty”maths-a web-site that we also use for homework and revision purposes. Students are assessed formally during terms 2,4 and 6 to make sure they are making at least expected progress and where necessary can be moved between groups and also given intervention to help get them back on track..

High attaining students have the opportunity to take part in enrichment math’s challenge activities which enables students to make connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems.

Students are expected to come to each lesson with a full set of equipment: pen, sharp pencil, ruler, protractor, compass and calculator.

Year 9-11

From Years 9 to 11 students start to follow a pathway to prepare them for their GCSE examinations. They are assessed during terms 2, 4 and 6 and are expected to become more independent learners preparing for assessments and revising more thoroughly for tests. They still follow all 6 areas of mathematics but with the more able students working at a much higher level. There is a much greater focus on problem solving and proof. The most able students are also offered the opportunity to study Additional Maths and take part in the UKMT challenges.

Year 11 students currently follow the Edexcel Specification papers. This is a linear syllabus that is assessed at the end of Year 11.  The final examinations are currently 3 papers, a non- calculator paper and a 2 calculator paper.  Students are assessed at regular intervals and are exposed to exam questions from an early stage in order to aid their preparation for the final exams.   There is also a focus on the quality of written communication which means that answers need to be clearly set out showing good quality calculations and mathematical technique.



In years 7 and 8 homework is set using Hegarty Maths.  Students are expected to complete one homework task each week.  Each student is given their own login and password for Hegarty and work is completed online. Homework should last approximately 30minutes.

In Year 9 and 10 again homework is set via Hegarty but the expected completion time is 45 minutes. Again work is submitted on-line.

Year 11 homework will also include regular exam paper practice.  Students are given half a GCSE exam paper to complete at home. This is in addition to any independent work and Hegarty work that may be set. Homework is expected to take 1 hour in Year 11 helping prepare students for their final exams.


Extra Curricular

We enter students for the Junior (year 7 and 8) and Intermediate (year 9 to 11) Mathematics Challenge  (www.UKMT.org.uk) each year.  In the last 2 years a small number of students have qualified for the follow up rounds on the Intermediate Challenge.  We also enter a mixed team of year 8 and 9 students in the Team Maths Challenge which normally runs in the Spring term.

We also have a developing programme of trips that currently include a joint History/Maths trip to Bletchley Park for year 9; a joint Computer Science/Maths trip to Bletchley Park and the National Museum of Computing for year 10; and a year 7 to 9 trip to the ‘Big Bang Fair’ –a combined science/maths and technology fair.


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