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Contact Head of Subject: matt.chapman@jhanson.hants.sch.uk


The History, Geography and RS subjects have in common the aim to open our students’ eyes to the world around them.  We encourage and develop skills that promote discussion, enquiry, argument and analysis and  cover a wide spectrum of  world wide  and current issues.  Students are set into ability groups from year 8 and regular assessment and feedback ensure we can  give students immediate and effective support throughout their academic year. Standards and expectations are high .  We are proud of the choice and specialism we can offer all our students as their progress tino  their KS4 curriculum too.


All history classes are mixed ability and at KS3:

  • Year 7 study – History skills, the Middle Ages, Tudors and Stuarts, Native Americans
  • Year 8 – Slavery, British Empire, Industrial Revolution, Development of democracy, Causes of World War One
  • Year 9 – Life during World War One, Inter-war Europe, Causes of World War 2, Turning points of World War 2, the Holocaust, Genocide in the Modern World, Civil Rights


At KS4 we follow the OCR B syllabus for history at GCSE.


The components of the course are:


  • Living in Nazi Germany
  • The People’s Health
  • The Norman conquest
  • The Making of America
  • History Around Us


Each component is worth 20% of the final grade.


There are three exams:


One hour:  History Around Us

One hour and forty five minutes:  People’s health and the Norman Conquest

One hour and forty five minutes:   Living in Nazi Germany and the Making of America


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