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French, German and Spanish

 Contact Head of Faculty: lesley.grinstead@jhanson.hants.sch.uk

It is a common misconception that everyone around the world speaks English. In fact, at least four fifths of the world’s population speak no English at all. As part of the European Union, young people have more opportunities than ever before, for studying, living or working in another country. Following Brexit, such opportunities will continue to exist and it is argued that having a work force with language skills will be even more important to the ongoing success and prosperity of business and enterprise in the UK. Modern Foreign Languages are, therefore, a valuable part of every student’s education at John Hanson. New for September 2018, we are glad to be delivering 3 Modern Foreign Languages, as we introduce Spanish to our curriculum; in addition to French and German. These are 3 of the 5 most important languages post-Brexit, according to an extensive recent British Council survey.

Key Stage 3
Year 7 pupils have 4 lessons per fortnight.
On entry to the school, all students will be put into French, German and Spanish groups, with roughly a third of students doing each language. If parents have a strong reason for study of a particular language, they may express this, in writing, to the Head of Year/Head of Faculty. We cannot guarantee that students will be given their preference, however, we shall give consideration to such requests. In year 8 and year 9, pupils have 5 and 4 lessons per fortnight, respectively, and continue with their allocated language, from year 7.

Students in year 8 and year 9, will have 5 and 4 lessons per fortnight, respectively, and continue with their language of study, from year 7.

Regardless of which language is followed, pupils are taught the key skills of Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing, Grammar and Translation covering such topic areas as: Yourself, family & pets, leisure, where you live, lifestyle, travel, study and employment and social and global issues.

Key Stage 4
Students in years 10 & 11 may opt to follow the AQA GCSE course in French or German, pursuing their Key Stage 3 language of study. They have 5 lessons per fortnight and continue to develop their abilities in the 4 key skills. Students are assessed by terminal exam for Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing each worth 25% of their final grade.

Students are usually set 2 homework tasks per fortnight. Length of tasks will vary, but on average are between 30-60 minutes. We vary the types of homework a great deal to incorporate comprehension tasks, writing and speaking work, learning spellings, research, creative tasks and using online resources to consolidate learning in class.

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