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Curriculum Guides

Please see below Curriculum Guides  (Programmes of Study) for each subject taught at John Hanson Community School. Clicking on a link will take you to a document outlining what is taught, when, an overview of assessment, some useful resources/links and contact details for relevant members of staff.

Curriculum Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Years 10/11
Art Art Yr7 Art Yr8 Art Yr9 Art KS4
Business BSt KS4
Computing Com Yr7 Com Yr8 Com Yr9 iMedia     CIDA      CSc
Drama Dra Yr7 Dra Yr8 Dra Yr9 Dra KS4
English Eng Yr7 Eng Yr8 Eng Yr9 Eng KS4
Geography Geo Yr7 Geo Yr8 Geo Yr9 Geo KS4
History His Yr7 His Yr8 His Yr9 His KS4
Religious Studies RSt Yr7 RSt Yr8 RSt Yr9 RSt KS4
Mathematics Mat Yr7 Mat Yr8 Mat Yr 9 Mat KS4
Modern Foreign Languages

Fre Y7 Ger Yr7

Spa Yr7

Fre Yr8 Ger Y8


Fre Yr 9 Ger Yr9 Fre KS4 Ger KS4
Music Mus Yr7 Mus Yr8 Mus Yr9 MusTech KS4
Photography Phot KS4
Physical Education PE Yr7 PE Yr8 PE Yr9




Science Sci Yr7 Sci Yr8 Sci Yr9 Sci KS4

Fd Yr7

PD Yr7

Fd Yr8

PD Yr8

Fd Yr9

PD Yr9

Fd/Nt KS4


Text KS4

Elec KS4


English Revision Guides

Year 10 English Set 1 and 2

Year 10 English Set 3 and 4

Year 11 English Set 1 and 2

Year 11 English Set 3 and 4