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SEN and Disadvantaged

Through appropriate curriculum provision, we recognise that students have different educational needs and abilities.

SENCO - Mr. J Pain - Jonathan.Pain@jhanson.hants.sch.uk

Students learn and acquire knowledge in different ways and at varying rates.

Accordingly teaching provision is adapted to the individual's needs including those with disabilities; those with special educational needs; those from all cultural backgrounds and students with English as an additional language.

All students may have special needs at different times and therefore a wide range of strategies are used to meet these as they arise. Parents are fully involved with the education of their children and they are fully informed if any special educational provision is made for their child.

Our SENCO invites parents to make an appointment to discuss progress, or other concerns, whenever there is a need. This is not restricted to particular parent evenings.

Disadvantaged Students -  Matt.Allott@jhanson.hants.sch.uk 

 John Hanson Community School has an ethos to inspire disadvantaged students to achieve the same opportunities as non-disadvantaged students by promoting emotional resilience, social confidence and academic success. This is achieved by supporting disadvantaged students in their:

Academic Outcomes – through inspiring teaching and learning, tailored to individual need.

Social/Cultural Capital – by providing emotional, social and cultural development to fill the gaps in the personal life.

Destination/Careers – in actively promoting the best career opportunities for disadvantaged students, providing Individual support and early intervention in securing next steps post 16.

The school has been very successful over the last 3 years in narrowing the progress gap between disadvantaged and other pupils by 70%. The PP Strategy statement 2018/19 below details the specific support and strategies used to support disadvantaged students

Assistant Headteacher, Matt Allott is the school lead for supporting disadvantaged students. Please contact him at any time on Matt.Allott@jhanson.hants.sch.uk if you have any questions or require support


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