School uniform

Please ensure your child has the correct uniform for September

John Hanson School has a strict uniform policy. As a member of John Hanson School, students should have a sense of pride in themselves and their uniform. Parental co-operation is imperative in order to achieve this. The School expects all students to wear their uniform correctly at all times, which includes the journey to and from school. Any students who is incorrectly dressed will be isolated until the matter is resolved.

We are aware that some suppliers of school uniform do sell ‘slim fit’ trousers as school uniform trousers. However, they are not considered appropriate for school for boys or girls. It becomes difficult to differentiate between slim fit, lycra and legging trousers, which has been the issue this academic year. Skin tight, slim fitting trousers are not permitted.
Chino style trouser are also not allowed as they fade quickly with washing, and take on a denim type appearance. Skirts must be pleated, not ‘skater style’

The following images illustrate correct uniform items:


John Hanson Community School Uniform requirements

Uniform as of May 2017:           School Uniform download

Garment Detail
Black Blazer with school logo This is a compulsory item and is available from Stitch-a-logo (see below)
Black and gold V Neck jumper with school logo This is a compulsory item available from Stitch-a-logo and is to be worn underneath blazers. (Only applicable to year 7 students)
Black Trousers (and optional belt) Plain black standard ‘school uniform’ type trousers, to shoe level. (Uniform trousers are available from Stitch-a-logo). Trousers with excessive flairs or which are ‘skin tight’ cycle/dance type, or combat type are not permitted. Black Denim is not acceptable. Students may wear a black belt which must be plain and able to be fully fastened.
Black Skirt (and optional belt) (girls only) Pleated knee length black skirt. Uniform skirts are available from Stitch-a-logo. Black Denim and other fashion stretch fabrics are not acceptable. (see above for belt)
White Shirt (must be worn with a tie) Must be of a style and size which can be tucked in and allows the top button to be comfortably fastened.
Black and Gold striped Tie Must be worn with a white shirt buttoned to the neck.
Plain black low-heeled Shoes Capable of being polished. No high heels, canvas, dolly shoes, ballet type shoes, boots, trainers, sandals, sling backs, open toe, platforms or leather sports shoes (e.g. Vans), or other obviously non-uniform shoes. Black shoes should not be confused with black trainers, and students should have separate footwear for PE.
Socks To be black and worn at all times. No coloured socks are permitted. Girls may wear opaque black tights.
Coats May only be worn in extreme weather, they must not be made from leather, simulated leather, fur, velvet or denim. We would prefer dark or neutral colours. Combat jackets and ‘hoodies’ are not acceptable, nor are black sweatshirts or cardigans that are claimed to be outdoor clothing only. Hats must not be worn on the school site
Makeup, Hair & Jewellery Makeup is discouraged. If worn, makeup must be minimal and natural or near natural in colour. Nail varnish and false nails are not permitted. Extreme hair styles and unnatural colours are not permitted in school, and the only piercings permitted are a single stud in each ear lobe. No other jewellery is permitted.
PE Kit
Black Shorts Polyester and unlined Standard
                                                     Cotton                            Premium
Sports Socks Tube type unfitted
Black Polo Shirt with school logo A black ‘performance’ polo shirt
School Rugby Shirt with school logo Modern shaped and fitted version (cooltex)
¼ zip training top with school logo (optional) Outdoor black ‘performance’ long sleeved training top
Black leggings Plain black sports leggings are permitted
Studded Boots (boys)

Our uniform supplier:
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