Charging Policy

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School Activities are mostly of a voluntary nature.  Where these fall outside, or mostly outside, school time, a full charge is made.  If such an activity takes place in school time, or is mostly in school time, excluding music tuition, then any payment by the parent is voluntary, except for food and accommodation on residential visits.  This being said, it must be explained that as we try to keep costs to a minimum, if any parents refuse to make the expected voluntary contribution, then the activity will almost certainly not be able to run. An admin charge may be levied on cancellations.
If an activity is essential as part of an officially approved examination syllabus such as GCSE, or as part of the National Curriculum, then payment is also voluntary whether it takes place during school time or not.

Without voluntary contributions it would not be possible to run the present range of activities, but we do recognise, that for some parents, any payment is a problem, and support might be essential.  For both a school time voluntary activity, and an essential activity, if a family is eligible for Free School Meals they write to the Headteacher’s PA for information and advise.

The following may also be charged:

  • Loss or damage to school books and equipment
  • Damage to school property
  • Items produced in Technology or Art
  • Failure to attend an exam or complete the required coursework
  • Resitting of an exam

Charging for Instrumental Tuition

We aim to provide as wide a range of instrumental tuition as possible, the following areas of study are available:  Violin, ‘Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Guitar, Saxophone, Brass, Percussion, Singing.  Individual lessons are also available in the following areas of study:  Piano, Electronic Keyboard and singing.  Please note that charges are reviewed annually.

Charging for Printing

The school allocates every student a printing allowance which should be sufficient for the courses they follow.  If a student runs out of print credit additional credit can be purchased.

Canteen Provision

Food is available before and during school. Our provider is HC3S and payment is electronic via our online payment system (sQuid). Funds may also be added through a cash loader within school.

Hire of the Building/Sports Facilities

If you are interested in hiring any of our facilities please contact