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Careers – An Overview for Parents/Carers

Mrs Anna Hall – Head of PSHE / Citizenship 

At JHCS we cover careers across the age ranges through our two hours per fortnight of PSHE/Citizenship lessons.   In the current climate with anxiety about university fees, uncertainty about the status of particular qualifications and progression routes, there has never been a better time to ensure both students and parents know what is what.

As well as the standard lessons taught, students are also given the opportunity to explore various online careers tools:

  1.   Years 7&8: take the Buzz Test which likens them to an animal and will tell them a bit about their personality and which celebs share their personality type.  It takes about 7 minutes to do this section. They can also research videos by job types or favourite subjects and it also includes a section on choosing their GCSE Options
  2. Year 8: have a go at this careers game (which takes approx 45 mins to get to the highest level) and suggests career ideas to suit their interests and personality and provides a Character Report. The students must make sure they register and then they can go back to it at any time.  Little pictures of job areas appear as they go through the different levels and it will come out with percentage on the job picture, indicating how close a match that job may be for them. If students click on the picture they will find the job description. On each job description it also has the advantages (perks) and disadvantages (challenges) of that particular job, so they can get a different perspective of the job.
  3. Year 11 use this site to explore Job Groups; there is a Career Wizard which  suggests possible careers to match Interests etc. and then links to finding out more about them. There is an A-Z of jobs as well as well as other info on choices, under the Information and Advice tab.

Every year 10 and 11 student also gets a Careers Interview with Mrs Richards, our Careers Advisor for personalised advise on future steps and support in the application process.

For further help and guidance in connection with careers please contact our Careers Advisor: Mrs Lynn Richards (  Alternatively, our careers co-ordinator Mr. Tim Valjak (

 Activities in Year groups:

Careers education is covered in PSHE / Citizenship lessons and through guest speakers joining us in school.

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Term 1     Careers fair.   Careers fair.7 lessons on CV writing, interview technique and psychometric testing.
Term 2         Apprenticeship talk with BeWiser and Mark Wright
Term 3     Seven lessons in preparation for Options Evenings including psychometric testing, transferable skills and decision making. Apprenticeship session with Careers advisor and Lloyds Bank.6 lessons covering future options linked to banking and understanding student finance. Apprenticeship session with Careers advisor and Lloyds Bank
Term 4 National Careers Week: tutor sessions, drop in fair and subject specific carer talk. National Careers Week: tutor sessions, drop in fair and subject specific carer talk.5 lessons covering future careers, apprenticeships and skills. National Careers Week: tutor sessions, drop in fair and subject specific carer talk. National Careers Week: tutor sessions, drop in fair and subject specific carer talk. National Careers Week: tutor sessions, drop in fair and subject specific carer talk.5 lessons covering future careers, skills and banking linked to understanding  student finance.

Useful websites:

Careers Fair 2015careers 4

John Hanson Community School recently staged a Careers Fair involving 19 local employers and 7 colleges. Students from Year 11 attended the event in the morning visiting the many stands in the school hall, finding out key information, picking up leaflets and documents and talking to the employers and college lecturers about their future plans and interests. Prepared through their PSHE lessons, students asked questions about the represented jobs, and which skills and qualifications, including GCSEs, they would need. They also discussed their next routes in education with post 16 college representatives.   The event is part of the school’s careers education and guidance programme which includes specialist PSHE lessons, access to an independent careers advisor, careers led tutor sessions, psychometric testing websites, careers information evenings, work experience, careers related trips as well as visits from guest presenters.   During the course of the morning students also attended a talk by Alan Bullock, an independent careers consultant, speaker and writer, who offered the students a unique and distinctive style presentation. Students were able to speak to him separately after the presentation about their own particular interests and the best routes to follow.. Students from Rookwood School were also invited to attend and were warmly welcomed to the Fair.

careers2  In the afternoon the Careers Fair doors were opened to the Year 9 students to allow them to start to explore future employment and training opportunities. In Year 9 students make choices about subjects they wish to study at Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) and the fair provided the students with a focus on the requirements of future college courses, apprenticeships and employment.   Tim Valjak, the school’s careers co-ordinator, said “The Careers Fair  for our Year 11, and Year 9 students was the perfect opportunity to continue planning for their future careers. It was fantastic to see how our students seized the opportunity to learn about different professions and how to enter the world of work. From the feedback I got from employers, I would not be surprised if this networking opportunity would lead to future jobs for our students.”   For more information, please contact the school’s careers team.

BE WISER OWL LOGOBewiser have also been very supportive with those looking for future careers in the insurance industry details can be found of what they have on offer here:!apprenticeships/cqe5