Headteacher Awards

Each week Ian Coombs meets with students who have been nominated for a place in the Headteacher’s Award Book in recogintion of their work and endeavour.  Congratulations to the following students.

January 2015

Clive Rowlandson-Waite

Bryn Meads-Jones

February 2015

Leo Cooper

Emma Ward

George Topp

Harry Rice

Georgia Langdown

Kevin Andrews

Connor Paggett

Rose Fletcher

Hannah Barnikel

Shania Harland

Courtney Minto

Maia Redden

Hannah Taylor

Mollie Stockwell

Joel Worsley

March 2015

Beth Rosier

Josh Sebon

Tom Hewson

Emma Crabb

April 2015

Freya Barnikel

Jaimie Leeson

Michael Cooke

Will Kitson

James Wise

Conner Davis

Evan Harkess

Ruben Hunt

Jack Harvey

Sunny Petozzi

Josh Jeffrey

Sam Thomson

Freddie Horner

Harvey Wake

Sam Churchill

Jeremy Petozzi

Logan Broe

Owen Mulley

Kai Henderson

Connor Burdock