Head Boy and Head Girl announced

headboyheadgirlHuge congratulations to our new Head Boy – Seedorf Attah and Head Girl – Jade Ng-a-Mann. A few words from Mrs Ferguson – Head of Year 10.

After an exhilarating week of Husting assemblies for the future Head boy and Head girl, the results are in. Seedorf Attah and Jade Ng-a-Mann will take up these prestigious posts and lead a team of prefects that will make John Hanson proud.

The six candidates were extremely persuasive and each one should be proud of their performance this week.
Daniel Wood’s clarity of speech and turn of phrase will no doubt see him participating in a real election in the future. Jay Rowland-Harrison enthusiastically focused on benefiting the health and diets of all students. Emma Ward impressed all with her self-motivation and determination to excel at the highest academic level and improve communication between students and staff. Finally, Jessica Porter spoke passionately about introducing new charity initiatives and links to schools she has visited in Sierra Leone.

Well done to all! We are very proud of you all.