Tennis Summer Camps 2017

John Hanson Community School

Tennis Summer Camps 2017

  • Tuesday 15th August
  • Thursday 17th August
  • Tuesday 22nd August
  • Thursday 24th August


Fee £15 per day (when booking individual days) or £50 for all 4 afternoons


10% discount if you book and pay before 16th July

5% sibling discount (providing they primarily are living in the same household)

Call – 07801 056905

Email –

GCSEs are changing . .

Statement from HM Government

Why are GCSEs in England changing?

We are committed to driving the highest standards in schools. That’s why we have revised our GCSE qualifications in England to make them more demanding. We have done this so our young people have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in 21st century Britain, and to match those of their peers in high-performing education systems elsewhere in the world.

The new, more challenging GCSEs will help young people‎ develop the skills that employers tell us they need.

When are they changing?

From August 2017, the new qualifications will start to be awarded with number grades, rather than letters. The new grading scale runs from 9 to 1 instead of A* to G, with 9 the highest grade.

Not all GCSEs are changing at once – English language, English literature and maths are changing first, with students sitting these exams this summer. By 2020, all GCSEs in England will be reformed and graded using numbers instead of letters. However, most GCSEs taken by students at schools in Wales and Northern Ireland will continue to be graded A* to G.

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