Senior team

RussellStevens1Russell Stevens – Headteacher

As Acting Headteacher I have responsibility for improving academic outcomes for students. To support this key aim I have leadership responsibility for Teaching and Learning, the curriculum and examinations. I work closely with Anna Hall (Assistant Headteacher) and the Heads of Faculty in developing Teaching and Learning and with Mike Adams (Assistant Headteacher) in developing the school curriculum.

My work also involves developing leadership capacity and practice with the Head of Faculty group and I line lead the Science and Languages faculties.

idCARDS 048Rob Earle – Acting Deputy Headteacher

As Assistant Headteacher my role is based around data and standards; ensuring that we maximize student performance and progress across all year groups. This involves identifying key students who are not making the required progress, and working with Russell Stevens, and other with relevant staff such as Heads of Faculty, ensure that effective intervention takes place so that those students make more rapid progress and meet their targets. This also involves monitoring and managing the schools data collection and reporting systems and target setting. Linked to this I also take responsibility for the progress and attainment of students in receipt of Pupil Premium funding and those who arrive with us in Year 7 below Level 4 in English and/or Maths. I also teach in the Science Faculty and line lead Maths and ICT.

WebPics 011Kim Hide – Assistant Headteacher

I work as part of the Student Support Services Team who are responsible for student care, guidance and support. I work closely with the Heads of Year to ensure that the day to day operational management of students is co-ordinated; that students are able to conduct themselves appropriately whilst feeling safe in their school environment. I have line management responsibility for the Additional Needs Faculty and for the liaison with the local primary schools to smooth the transition process to secondary education. It is our aim to ensure that all students at John Hanson feel valued, work hard and participate in as many activities as possible, regardless of background or circumstance. Sometimes extra support is required for some of our students, and I work closely with external agencies to ensure they receive the guidance needed to enjoy the success all of our students deserve. I am the school’s Child Protection Liaison Officer and have responsibility for safeguarding the students at our school. I line lead PE, Technology and Special Educational Needs.

I am one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads


Karen Page – Business Manager

My role as a member of the Senior Leadership Team includes a broad range of non-teaching management activities, all of which contribute to ensuring the school achieves its aims and goals.  Everything that is not teaching includes all the administrative and logistical aspects of running the school, from being responsible for health and safety, to ensuring that all absent members of teaching staff are replaced on a day to day basis. I also have significant contact with our local community from ensuring that local people can benefit from our facilities when they are not being used by the students to being the named contact for the community should they have any issues with the school.

I also have significant contact with our students, attend many school events and deputise for other team members when required.

arbAnna Hall –Assistant Headteacher

As Assistant Headteacher, my main role is the professional development of staff across the school.  This work is in liaison with the Heads of Faculty, via the Teaching and Learning group, in order to ensure we deliver a high quality, differentiated training programme for all staff. I also manage the organisation of performance management for teaching staff, and support the Induction of all new staff to the school as well as our Newly Qualified Teachers. My role as link teacher to the Teaching Schools Alliances (such as LEARN and ETC) supports me in ensuring our staff get the best training possible.  I also teach in the English department and lead PSHE as well as line lead the Creative & Performing Arts faculty.

I am one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads

WebPics 012

Mike Adams- Assistant Headteacher

As Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Curriculum and Timetable, I work closely with Russell Stevens focusing on Curriculum Design and writing the school timetable. In addition to this, a key role is my focus on ICT strategy as I have responsibility for ICT developments across the school, including the school website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest feed, also Student Zone (Home Access Plus+), Squid, Edmodo, Parent Portal, and Show My Homework.  My role also incorporates marketing the school through our publications, online systems, and links with our local newspapers, magazines, and radio.  In conjunction with the Andover Consortium I am also involved with the development of the 14-19 KS4 curriculum and arrangements for Work Experience and Work related Learning. I also teach Music, ICT and line lead English and Personal Social and Health Education.